Premium Solar Solutions

Energizing the Future 27+ years of providing nothing but the best in quality and services; HCO Solar has been energizing lives across Pakistan.

Going solar with HCO Solar

Pakistan's No.1 Solar Company

Premium Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Solutions

We are a business division of Hadayat & Co., a major retail business running multiple international brands across the high-end retail market in Pakistan, with offices and showrooms in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Going Solar with HCO SOLAR

Our 26+ years of experience with residential clients makes us the ideal destination for solar solutions.

Why HCO Solar?

Experience: We have been helping people build their homes for over 25 years. Quality: In all our 26 + years of experience, the quality of our products has always been our foremost priority. Technology: Our Solar System comes equipped with the latest technology. Service: As soon as our team is notified of a fault in your system, the issue will be fixed remotely.

Go Green with HCO SOLAR

Hadayat & Co. is fully certified by Pakistan Engineering Council. We are ISO Certified for many years and operate the high-end SAP Software to run our operations.

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