Our Services

We are a business division of Hadayat & Co., a major retail business running multiple international brands across the high-end retail market in Pakistan, with offices and showrooms in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

On Grid System

On-grid systems are connected to the grid (Wapda) via inverters, which convert the DC power into AC electricity. The inverter is connected to the distribution board, from where the solar generated power is transferred into the electricity grid or to AC appliances.

Off Grid System

Off-grid systems are not connected to the electricity grid and consist of batteries to store energy. These systems are generally preferred for remote areas and where grid electricity is not accessible.

Hybrid System

Hybrid systems store excess electricity generated by your solar panels in batteries. After batteries are charged completely, our system sells excess electricity to Wapda through net-metering. The rest of the stored electricity is available to counter load shedding during night hours. This ensures continuous power supply with appreciable cost savings.