Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pricing Validity

Price is valid for 5 days only.

Payment Terms

  • 90% Advance payment
  • 10% After Installation

Delivery Timeline

As per order acceptance by customer.

Operation & Maintenance

2 months free-of-cost O&M service from HCO Solar. Up to one site visit per month upon client request. After 2 months, the client will be charged for site visit and service. The client will also be provided with a basic maintenance guide.

Net Metering

Net metering will be customer's responsibility.


The client will be charged for relocation of the system from one site to the other as per actual installation costs. This will be in addition to the prices quoted for installation.

Customer Scope

AC Cabling will be charged per running meter.
Change in meter name
Change in Sanction Load

Product Warranty

Hybrid Inverter Warranty - 1 year
On-Grid Inverter Warranty – 5 years
Solar Panels Workmanship – 12 years
Solar Panels Performance – 25 years

Natural Disaster

Any damage to the solar system due to natural disasters are not covered under the above warranty.

Force Majeure

The client understands that projects can be adversely impacted by events beyond the control of the vendor.

Sales & Income Tax

An invoice can only be generated after addition of 17% sales tax and 4.5% income tax.

E & OE

Errors and omissions excepted.